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Does Bottled Water have any Health Benefits?

For many decades, drinking water has been advocated for as one of the ways that people can keep healthy. The importance of water is boosted by the fact that it is a universal solvent for all body reactions. Prevention of water and the improvement of the overall body health are some of the things that science has proven about water. Many companies upon realization of this fact have entered into the business of production of bottled water for people. But a person would question why they need to buy bottled water when they can readily get this important commodity at home.

That sat water is more than fresh water in the world is an already established fact. In most of the water sources we have in our homes such as boreholes, the water present is saltwater. There is a possibility of the water from such sources containing harmful substances even though it may be rich in essential salts and minerals. On the other hand, numerous series of purification are involved before bottled water can be made available. All the unneeded minerals and salts are removed from the water leaving only those that are essential during the purification process. Apart from these, other salts and minerals not present in the original form of the water are added too by some companies. But what really are the health benefits of bottled water?

Bottled water is also known to be improved with the addition of additives that improve a person’s digestive system. You should remember that many illnesses facing people are related to how the body takes in nutrients during digestion in one way or another. One thing that bottled water has been known to do is stimulating the body in the production of digestive enzymes. Drinking of purified water gives your body redox elements that help in improving your digestion, unlike the unpurified water.

The other thing that most people are very critical about when making the purchase for anything is the cost. Bottled water will come at a cost every time you buy it which is not the case with water from other sources that are free. A different point of view has to, however, be used. You will buy the bottled water but it has already been purified. On the other hand, one has to incur the cost of purifying the water if you use the free water. The price of buying bottled water compared to that of purifying the water yourself is much lower. This is mainly because bottled water is purified in large quantities. Due to the economies of scale, purifying water in large quantities is much cheaper.

You are giving back to the society once you buy bottled water on top of improving your health. Most bottled water companies dedicate a portion of their sale revenues to improving the livelihoods of the less privileged.

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