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How the Body Reacts When You Consume Weed

There are many people who are consuming cannabis nowadays than in the past. One of the primary reasons for the rise in weed smoking is because of peer influence. Although there are high prevalence rates of weed users in the world today, what determines the period it stays in the system or blood is dependent on how frequent the user smokes and also the condition of the smoker. You have to note that the chemicals that arise from the consumption of weed increase with the increase of marijuana. In case there has been a prolonged usage of marijuana, then that means that the levels of the chemical of the drug are also higher and that makes it hard for those chemicals to run out of the system.

For users and previous users of marijuana, there are various ways that are used to reduce the levels of the chemicals in the blood system. There is no standard period within which the effects of weed will start manifesting on an individual because the systems are different. There is no single factor that is responsible for effects of marijuana staying for long in the system. You will know how toxic your system is from analyzing your urine. Urine testing remains one of the cheapest methods around for the chemical found in cannabis, and it also produces accurate results. Whenever there is a form of acid from the chemical that is produced by cannabis, that signifies that it has been processed by the system.

The rate at which the body processes the chemical to come up with a metabolite is dependent on the period and frequency of consumption. The chemical will first of all be stored in the fat of the body and when there are continued consumption levels, the storage shifts to all parts of the body and getting rid of effects might be hard. Depending on the tastes and preferences of an individual, they can choose to either smoke, vape or eat marijuana. An individual who has consumed cannabis for prolonged periods will find it easier for the chemicals of the marijuana in their system. Apart from urine testing of chemical found in cannabis, the other method is through the use of saliva.

The tetrahydrocannabinol chemical takes a short time while in the mouth, and that is why it is good news. In most instances, this is the method which is used by police officers on the road for users of cannabis. In case you have just had a single smoking session, the chemical metabolites will remain positive in the saliva for up to one day. It is recommended that you wait for a week then conduct a saliva test if you are a heavy consumer.

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